Jim n
Picked up 5 dozen Maffatti here yesterday. Service was excellent. Due to covid no need to bring container, it was provided free. The Maffatti were just as i remembered them as we got them at the Depot!!! Delicious and hot!! Service Take out Meal type Dinner Price per person $10–20
The BEST ravioli in this world. I’m 100% Italian fed by an Italian mother and grandmother. It’s been a privilege to enjoy Clemente’s food for 50+ years.
Cheryl Hutchinson
Our family has been dining on Clemente’s malfatti and ravioli for 50 plus years. It was always a treat to go to the back door to the kitchen at The Depot Restaurant, hand over a pot (or pots) and give Clemente your order for 2 and 2 or however many dozen of each you wanted. Clemente is a Napa Treasure and his food is always delicious and made fresh. Service Take out Meal type Dinner Price per person $10–20
Robin Pike
I've loved their food since they had the restaurant THE DEPOT a very long time ago. Hand made ravioli, all their food is fresh and delicious. They're a small family owned spot on 3rd St. just up the street from the Famous Uptown Theater. Service Take out Meal type Dinner Price per person $20–30
Jill Kobilka
THEY ARE THE BEST! We had the Malfatti ( amazing - must try) and the green salad, which I appreciated the light dressing and lots of toppings. Can't go wrong with a loaf of bread, either. We'll be back many more times. Service Take out Meal type Dinner Price per person $10–20
Dana Gondola
I'm not gonna lie, this was the best malfatti I have ever had. Period! I grew up on delicious home made Italian food and their raviolis and malfatti are just like my childhood. I wish I lived closer but will be making the trip from Santa Rosa to get them, now that I now how amazing they are. It's so worth the drive! Try them....I promise you will not be disappointed.
Paula Clay
The food was delicious. Real authentic Italian food. The owner was super nice. This is an gem of a place.